Earn Cashback through Oberlo

Earn up to 6.9% cashback on all of your AliExpress orders through Oberlo.

Available with a paid Oberlo plan

The guide below is for users who are on a paid Oberlo plan only. However – if you’re on a free or starter plan with Oberlo, you can still take advantage of cashback through our own cashback scheme – Click here if you’re on an Oberlo Starter/Free plan.

If you are on a paid Oberlo plan – Excellent! Follow the below instructions to take advantage of huge cashback earnings.

Earn Cashback from AliExpress with Oberlo

If you use Oberlo and AliExpress for your fulfillment, then you’re in luck. You can be earning up to 6.9% cashback on each of your orders automatically (and with no extra work involved) in just 5 minutes.

To get started, you’ll first need to create an account with Admitad – a free affiliate network which provides cashback when you make successful orders with a range of retailers – AliExpress being one of them. If you’re signed up with Admitad and order from AliExpress, Admitad returns a percentage of the cost back to you – up to 6.9% (from each and every order).

First you’ll need to create your account with them. Enter your email address, password and proceed with the application.

Once you’ve filled out your account details, you’ll now be asked for details of your Ad Space & Website. Fill them out as shown below:


Proceed and fill out the URL of your shop, along with it’s category and also describing your shop. Once done, your account will be created. Be sure to verify your email address as soon as you receive the email.


Once you’ve created your Admitad account – you need to find the AliExpress program and apply to it.

Click on ‘Programs’ -> ‘All Programs’ and search for AliExpress. Be sure to apply for it – and you will then be pending verification from the AliExpress team.


Now you need to get your Admitad Affiliate ID. To find this, log in to Admitad and go to your Dashboard – and follow the below pictures.

Click on Programs -> My Programs
Click on the 'Link' button
The code underlined is your Affiliate ID.

Make sure to ignore the URL, and ONLY copy your Affiliate ID: “https://alitems.com/g/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/”


Affiliate ID Example: 1e8d114495ddef027e016525dc3e8


You’re now finished and ready to put your Affiliate ID into your Oberlo account. Just a couple of easy steps left now!

Go to your Oberlo Dashboard and log in.

Head to Settings, and then click on Suppliers.

In Affiliate Program, select Admitad.

Enter your Admitad Affiliate ID in the Affiliate ID field, and then click Save Settings.

You’re finished!