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We are approved affiliates of the top retailers, who provide us with cashback for referring successful purchases to them. That's how we receive your cashback, and forward it back to you. This is completely legal and abides by all terms and conditions of all of the top retailers - so you have nothing to worry about.

If you've just placed an order and successfully paid, please allow up to an hour for it to show in your account. You can still make more orders - be sure to always click the 'Earn Cashback' button first, and allow some time for them to track into your account.

If your order has not been tracked, and it's been over an hour - we would advise for you to double check your browser settings, to ensure no pop-up/adblockers are active on our website or activated on any of our retailers websites. These scripts can interfeir with the checkout process, and so this will result in lost earnings. Make sure to completely disable anything of the sort to ensure the cashback tracks correctly.

To withdraw your cashback - this can be done from the 'My Account' page once your balance is atleast $10. We can payout your earnings via PayPal, Payoneer and via Bank transfer. More payment methods are also becoming available shortly. Please note your cashback must be confirmed and approved before it can be paid out - which on average takes around 30 days from the tracked date.

Cashback can be declined if the order is cancelled, returned or disputed. Only successful orders with the retailers are eligible for cashback to be earned with.

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